Fire Alarm System Services in Brooklyn, NY

The E3 Series is a line of intelligent, addressable fire alarm panels with networking and digital audio capabilities. Gamewell-FCI has taken a totally fresh approach by transforming the classic fire panel into an Expandable Emergency Evacuation system. The product line serves an extremely wide range of applications. Just a few modules and cabinets can be easily configured, mixed, and matched to create a wide range of life safety solutions such as a stand-alone fire alarm system, emergency voice/alarm communication system (EVAC), and in-building mass notification system (MNS).

The Gamewell-FCI S3 Series TM Fire Alarm System is an easy-to-use, intelligent, fire alarm solution designed for small to mid-sized buildings. Analog technology delivers the benefits of a simple system installation, while a user-friendly touch-screen allows for quick, smart, and intuitive panel operation and system maintenance

Honeywell’s IPGSM-4G is an IP and 4G fire alarm communicator that offers contact ID reporting with any Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) that has a built-in dialer. This easy-to-install, dual path communicator connects directly to the primary and secondary communication ports of a Fire panel's Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT). It offers three selectable reporting paths which include Cellular only, IP only, or IP primary/cellular backup.


The feature-rich Ademco VISTA Series Control Panels are a cost-effective solution for almost any application. Features include advanced partitioning, end-user simplicity, and compatibility with the best wireless technology today. A powerful control, the VISTA Series can support residential installations and operate lights and appliances—providing you with greater installation flexibility while offering the customer the ultimate inconvenience. Solid features and robust system capacities make VISTA® panels the ideal choice for any installation.

The new PowerSeries v4.6 Control Panel from DSC features a rich and reliable intrusion alarm control panel easily integrated with an array of compatible components to deliver a scalable solution. PowerSeries v4.6 makes installation easy, simple, and fast without compromising the flexibility of design.

Honeywell’s lifestyle-enhancing LYNX Touch lets you control your security system, lights, locks, and thermostats, view video, and more-all from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen or on mobile devices around your home. Choose from versions with 7” or 4.7” touchscreens.

DSC Touch is an innovative smart panel that provides customers with home management and interactive security capabilities in an all-in-one, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Uniquely based on Google's Android operating system and integrated with, DSC Touch employs Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave technology for a completely wire-free install and “all-in-one” wireless communications.

The LEF Series is a selective calling open voice, audio-only system with the capacity of up to 11 total stations. The system can be designed to meet a wide variety of needs, including any combination of master and substations, up to its maximum capacity.

The GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a maximum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) provides complete entry visibility. Choose from a one-piece stainless steel entry panel or easily configure the entry panels using either direct select or digital keypad.

OpenEye Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) set the standard in user-friendly, high definition recording. The OpenEye RADIUS software provides the freedom and control necessary to manage all DVRs from a single location, regardless of DVR series or age. Using RADIUS you simultaneously monitor live video, audio, and alarms from multiple DVRs using customizable maps and display screens.

Network security solutions are the future of home and business security, a future that begins with a world-class Network Video Recorder (NVR). Connect IP cameras to your NVR using Cat5E cabling for power and video over Ethernet, allowing simple and flexible installation. NVRs support full 1080p HD resolution and real-time recording. NVRs can also be customized to send you motion-activated push notifications or email alerts to keep you up-to-date on events around your property. Each NVR comes with a preinstalled security-grade hard drive that can store weeks (even months) of security footage.

IP cameras are an ideal option for professional applications, as they bring intelligence, efficiency, and convenience to video surveillance. Camera styles vary from indoor and outdoor domes, bullets, turrets, covert, fisheye models, and various PTZ options. Key features include high resolution up to 12MP, 180˚ panoramic viewing, smart analytics, and H.264+ compression. With so many options, IP Cameras can easily meet the high performance and storage requirements of enterprise projects.

HD-TVI Analog Cameras. As we enter into a digital era, analog surveillance technology doesn't stop its innovation. Today, camera manufacturers announce HD-TVI cameras release. HD-TVI cameras can replace your traditional analog cameras for better video quality while using the same coaxial cable. HD-TVI is based on traditional coaxial cable for video and data transmission, it supports not only 720P/1080P video signal but also including audio, data signal over long distances up to 500 meters.

Card Access

Apex Series. Built to a higher standard, card, and code access devices manage customer and visitor traffic through secured entryways. Apex keypads provide access solutions throughout any facility, from entry and exit gate locations to secured areas such as maintenance storage, climate-controlled units, or elevator access. Apex keypads allow you to automate access management and keep track of who is coming and going. Apex Series Keypads represent the highest quality access devices available. With a variety of options available, there is a unique solution for every facility. Apex options include a two-way intercom, magnetic or proximity card readers, and pinhole cameras. The VP Series includes standard features plus anti-vandal, all-metal, or rubber keypads with three-way sensory feedback

  • Rugged metal outdoor enclosures.

  • High-resolution, 4-line display with 140-degree viewing angle.

  • Supports user custom messages when used with StorLogix and Falcon XT

  • Anti-vandal metal keypad with backlit numbers.

  • Language support for English, French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Deutsch, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian.

  • Built-in surge and lightning protection.

  • Mag-Stripe option works with PayXpress.

  • Two dry-contact relay outputs.

  • Four-door contact inputs.

  • Integrates seamlessly with the StorLogix and Falcon XT controller.

Digitech 700 Series. DigiGate keypads offer a variety of options including a built-in intercom, customizable LCD screens, proximity readers, and card readers. Among the Digitech keypads are models that feature an onboard tamper switch, device operating relay, two independent alarm inputs to the system, and easy wiring, all of them backed by more than 25 years of innovation and experience.

  • Stainless steel faceplate and heavy gauge aluminum housing to resist abuse and vandalism.

  • Can accept over 50 million actions.

  • Withstand the most extreme weather.

  • Easy to install and configure

  • Use the DigiGate-700LC keypad to welcome users, advertise specials, or communicate time-sensitive information.

  • The four-line, 80-character display can generate many user custom messages.

  • Piezo touch-sensitive keypad.

  • Facility intercom connectivity.

  • Illuminated keypad and intercom button.

  • Enhanced surge protection.

  • Alarm inputs onboard for door or gate controls.